In church yesterday our Pastor (Bobby Conway) talked about Joy. I loved what he had to say. It was truly eye opening. I had never before looked at happiness in this type of context.

To sum it up in one quote “Joy is not dependent upon circumstance.” I loved this quote so much it landed on my daily task board.

It is easier said than done, but imagine how happy we can be if we choose to be joyous despite our circumstances? I personally love smiling at someone and seeing a huge smile come back at me from a previously sad face.

No one guarantees our happiness, but we can choose how we react to tough situations. My personal go-to is to be super anxious and stressed out, but I am doing my best to move away from this (daily meditation has really helped with this!)

We all have stress in our lives to some capacity. Some situations are worse than others, but within our own lives there are things each of us are dealing with. Whether its the unknown of going to a new high school, stepping into a new job, or moving away from family and friends, each of us will go through our own trials. We may even be going through some right now.

I am still learning this, but if we could take each day and each new problem and smile big in spite of it, how much of a difference could we make? My guess is that our impact could be huge and our potential reach magnified.

For me, I will smile when stuck in traffic, remain joyous despite the rain, and will do my best to lend a helping hand to those in need.

How will you spark joy in yourself and others? Let me know in the comments below!