The Ultimate List of 200 Motivational Quotes From 20 World Influencers

This meaty post is full of 200 motivational quotes from really famous people. So naturally I quoted myself quite a few times. KIDDING! I picked 20 different world influencers to give their motivational wisdom. These are people I have read about, read books from, and...
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How to Self-Publish a Book in 2017(.5): What I’ve learned from 3 Book Launches

Hey there, You probably stumbled on this post looking for a breakdown on how to write your own book? You also probably want a guide to not only tell its possible to write your own book, but that doing so will be a remarkable achievement that you will...
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Motivational Words to Uplift and Encourage Your Mind and Soul

Here are 200 motivational words for you to ponder and reflect on. Sometimes we need a dash of positivity in our lives. Reading these words will uplift you and you will undoubtedly smile. Remember one or two and repeat them to yourself throughout the day. Better yet,...
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