Jordan Ring

Jordan Ring


Jordan Ring is the owner and creator of,, and this site dedicated to his writing.

You can find more about his recent undertakings right here in his recent blogs.

He enjoys making weird faces, doing ridiculous videos, eating apples, and playing ultimate frisbee with his wife. He believes in taking action and taking accountability for his own choices, and has made it a life goal to share his ideas with the world.

It is his life goal to help people reach their ultimate potential. To do this he writes books, but he is always willing to lend a helping hand if you need it.

You can find him by emailing or by tweeting @AuthorJmring. He is always available and ready to answer any questions and respond to comments.

My Story:

Everyone has or will have a defining moment in their life. You might be able to recall yours, or maybe it is coming. Its even possible you have already had several defining moments with even more to come.

I was lucky enough to have my moment just a few years back, and it set me on the right track.

My company sent me to the Global Leadership Summit. This worldwide conference features keynote speakers from various churches and leading businesses. Bill and Melinda Gates, Ed Catmull (of Pixar), Craig Groeschel of Life.Church and several other speakers.

At this summit, after 25 years of spinning my wheels, I finally realized that I was destined for more. I realized that there was so much more I could be doing with my life. From that day on I resolved to start taking action steps to reach new heights.

Since then I have written three books, moved several times, and every day I spend time furthering my goals of becoming a full time author.

Am I there yet?

Absolutely not!

But I won’t stop. I will persist until I am able to reach my goal.

And that is where I am at. And that is where I hope to help you reach as well. To be in a place where the time you spend every day is one of fulfillment because your passion intersects with reality.

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