Jordan’s Update September 2017

Hey friends, Wow that month went by fast! Holy cow. I can't wait to share some of the things that went down. This post will help explain what it is exactly that I've been doing, but how also things are really going. I have been thinking a lot about the...

Church Unity: For Real

The picture above is one that I took of three different churches of three denominations (Non-Denom, Pentecostal, and Presbyterian), all meeting together in one room for a night of worship. Over the last three weeks my church, Life Fellowship, has been doing a series...

Jordan’s Update August 2017

Life is about to get a little bit crazy for Miranda and I. And no, contrary to what every one of our residents wanted to believe, we are not pregnant! We are leaving our jobs and moving to a new apartment. This change is the result of a ton of planning....

Who Am I?

Just an average dude. My ultimate goal is to help you to reach your full potential. I want to help you in that journey. Connect with me over on twitter.
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