Volcanic Momentum

Stop dreaming about “someday” and let Volcanic Momentum show you how to tap into unlimited energy and reach your goals now, not later.

In his latest work, authorpreneur Jordan Ring shares how you can build a solid foundation for lifelong success with nine powerful momentum strategies. Using these tools, you will never again lose motivation, inspiration, and the drive needed to meet your goals once and for all!

Now What

“Now What?” will give you the tools you need to start your journey towards action enlightenment. Once you finish reading you will know where to start your adventure and how to keep the action train going.


Book Launch Gladiator

Learn how to do book marketing the right way, without loads of money or time. Becoming a book launch gladiator requires careful planning, and this book will be your guide to meet that end.

If you want to launch a book that receives the coveted Amazon best seller tag, gets more than 3 reviews on launch day, and doesn’t immediately fade into the abyss of similar Kindle titles, this is the book for

Peace With Sweets

You can be at peace with sweets and still eat your mom’s homemade chocolate pie every once in awhile.

This renewed lifestyle will all possible after reading this impactful book. Reducing sugar cravings and managing sugar intake will become a reality as you are guided towards your ultimate sugar reconciliation.