You are majestical. You can learn how to get super powers. I will teach you how to become a better version of yourself. 

Around the world people not much different than you are doing majestical acts:

  • Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs. He is now a famous international speaker. 
  • Wim Hof the “Iceman,” ran an Arctic marathon at -20°. Oh, and he did it shirtless. 😮
  • Or what about Roy Cleveland Sullivan? This guy was struck by lightning seven times – and survived.⚡
  • And have you heard of Alain Robert? He scales the world’s tallest buildings with only chalk, climbing shoes, and without fear. 

Nothing is beyond your grasp. Nothing is holding you back. 👍

Do you believe you deserve to be happy and live a better life? I do. 

Life is far too short to not live it fully. Get every ounce of enjoyment out of life and maximize your impact on others. Channeling these super powers will help.

My name is Jordan, welcome to my blog, I’m glad you stumbled by. I’m not a natural superhero like Superman. I’m more of a learned, hustle-for-it hero like Batman, except I don’t have a super cool Batcave. 

I’m an average guy who wants to help you live a better life, find work you love, and have more of those perfect days you crave. 

This epic list of 101 real life super powers is your ticket to enjoying life more fully, giving back to others, and enjoying the work you do each day. If you’re ready, put on your cape and lets go. 


I’ll teach you how to activate the power of the vagus nerve, encourage you to chase your wildest dreams, and give you actionable strategies to form deeper connections with people. 

You won’t be able to fly, but you will soar. ⭐

You won’t breathe underwater, but you’ll discover the importance of listening to your body. 💪

I won’t show you how to time travel, but you’ll learn how to set priorities to free up hours each day. ⌛

Many of these super powers are common sense to those who use them. Others will be a welcome surprise as you read through the list. Some will seem beyond your grasp right now. This is okay. I’d be shocked if anyone implements all 101 strategies. If you find nothing new here, shoot me an email and tell me what to put on the list. 

I’ve curated this list with the help of many folks. It’s the collective wisdom that’s powerful if read and applied. 

Choose the five that appeal to you most and get super. 

*Thanks to all of you who contributed to this post. I did my best to give shout outs where appropriate. If I missed you, let me know! 

**Extra special thanks to my friends at Borderless Retreat for being the catalyst for this post. I couldn’t have done it without you and I appreciate your friendship more than you know. 

***Amazon Aff. links given to upgrade super powers. (Disclaimer).

Warning: This post is in depth and the size of a small book. Save it for future reference if needed or skim to find the super powers you need. Grab the condensed version by signing up to get awesome emails (below) and get a copy sent to your inbox. See TOC below for navigation.

101 Ideas for How to Get Super Powers Today 

I break super powers down into six categories to help you embrace your majestical side:

  • Health and Wellness (1-15): We will start here. Focusing on our health is important for long-term success and wellbeing.
  • Growth (16-71): Personal growth and self-improvement super powers to better ourselves.
  • Spiritual/Mind (72-78): Super powers to find a deeper connection with God, control our thoughts, and build a positive and resilient mindset.
  • Work/Business (79-88): Discover purpose and enjoy the work you do. 
  • Relationships (89-97): Build stronger relationships and discover deeper connections with people.
  • Misc (98-101): Four random but awesome super powers. 

Health and Wellness Super Powers

These health and wellness super powers will give you the boost you need to live longer, enjoy life more fully, and be a more healthy person overall. Enjoy. 

*I’m not a doctor. These super powers are anecdotal and based on my research. I don’t offer health advice. 

1) Listen to your body 👂

Listening to your body is the first super power for good reason. We don’t do this enough. I don’t do it enough. And it’s so easy a caveman could do it. 

Listen to your body. What’s it telling you right now? Do you need more sleep? Do you need to exercise? Do you need to breathe, think, cry, or talk to someone?

We can be great at doing what we think is good for us, but neglect the signs to slow down before it’s too late. 

Don’t make the excuse of avoiding the gym or a healthy meal because you “don’t feel like it.” If your body is telling you to rest, listen. 

All too often I go on a run solely because I feel like I should. This can be great for developing a strong habit, but sometimes we push ourselves too hard. 

Practice: Take five minutes right now and think about how you are feeling. Do you have any pain? What worries you? What is stressing you out? Don’t make a plan to fix things, just appreciate the signs your body is giving you. 

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2) Tap into the healing power of the vagus nerve by gargling 😂

Have you heard of the vagus nerve? Count yourself among the vast majority if you haven’t. It’s not well known, but I suspect in the years to come everyone will shout about its power from the rooftops. 

The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the body. It’s responsible for regulating our nervous system, our gut, and other major organs. If it’s out of whack, you’re out of luck. 

Understanding it has put me on the path to greater health and wellbeing. It’s a much deeper subject than we can dive into here, but it’s fascinating to look into. 

For me, focusing on it helped to heal my gut and bring my nervous system back in check. It’s amazing to me that one nerve can affect so much, but alas, the proof is real. 

Don’t miss the potential for this super power to change your health and wellbeing. 

Practice: The easiest way to stimulate the vagus nerve is to gargle. Since it’s connected to the muscles in your throat, gargling is akin to pushups for the nerve. Try it. And better yet, stack gargling to a habit like brushing your teeth so you won’t forget. 

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3) Take a deep breath with the 5-9 method 😮

“Take a deep breath” has been the go to advice for anyone with a temper or a high-strung personality.

It’s what you tell a kid who’s trying not to punch the bully who took his lunch money. It rarely works. 

Unless it’s done right… 

Taking a deep breath is the best way to calm yourself down. It’s a super power closely tied to the vagus nerve and shares the ability to regulate your mood. 

The great part about a deep breath is that anyone can do it wherever they are. It’s 100% accessible to you, right this very second. 

Practice: Use the 5-9 method for the best deep breath. Sit up straight with both feet on the ground. Breathe in for a count of 5, pushing the belly outward. Once you get to 5, breath out slowly for 9 seconds, tucking the chin under and trying to put the top of your head into the ground. Repeat five times. Once you practice this more regularly, you’ll find your own personal cadence that works best for you. 

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4) Take cold showers 🥶

“Ah, heck no.” -Miranda, my wife, every time I suggest this as a super power.

Cold showers are another vagus nerve stimulation exercise, but they also a great way to feel wide awake and activate your brain. Need to wake up? Splash some cold water in your face and you’ll be ready to go. 

It’s not the most pleasant of super powers, but it’s highly effective for increasing alertness and readiness to take on whatever your next task may be. 

Practice: The next time you take a shower, give yourself a cold blast at the end. Do it for as long as you can stand, and then cut the water off. Increase your tolerance by going a few seconds longer the next time. Then decide whether to only take cold showers, or stick with a minute blast at the end to achieve this super power. 

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5) Get a standing desk 🕴️

I had a standing desk for two years in my home office and LOVED it. It cost $300, and it was worth every penny. 

I’m writing this post from a makeshift standing desk. 

how to get super powers standing desk

Sitting is not a super power. Standing probably shouldn’t be, but in today’s day and age of sitting for most of our day, it’s one we need to use so we can live long and prosper. 🖖

Practice: Get a standing desk like this one for your home office. When out at coffee shops and coworking spaces, use a laptop stand like the Nexstand to create your own standing office. 

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6) Use blue light glasses 👓

Migraine sufferer? You NEED this super power. 

Whether it’s the phone, computer, or TV, we all spend too much time absorbing blue light. For that, I’m a huge fan of blue light reducing glasses since I stare at a screen for the better part of most days. 

Our eyes are terrible at blocking blue light. At normal levels it’s not bad for us, but looking at devices for too long can lead to digital eye strain. Not fun. 

Since I get migraines occasionally, I now wear blue light blocking glasses whenever I am in a prolonged hustle session. Besides making me look too cool for school, these glasses play a small part in helping me continue to do what I love. 

Practice: Get a pair of glasses if you spend too much time in front of the screen. Try a pair like these from Amazon. Don’t think you’d look cool with glasses? FORGET about what you look like and what other people might think: do it for your health. Channel a bonus super power of not doing things based on the other’s perceptions. 

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7) Check supplement need 💊

We don’t get enough of the nutrients we need. Even if we eat a diet rich in fruits and veggies, the nutrient level has been declining in our foods for the past 50+ years. 

It’s anecdotal evidence, but the fruits and veggies we’ve been eating here in Portugal are better than anything we can find in the US. I can taste the difference with every orange I devour. I’ve never said mmhhmmm so often as when I’m eating a fresh-made salad full of local veggies. 

We all could probably benefit from ingesting more nutrients. I take magnesium to prevent migraines. My dad has taken vitamin C for years and rarely gets sick. Miranda takes melatonin every once in a while to sleep. 

Do your own research, but highly consider where you might be lacking. Seek the help of a good holistic doctor and get a checkup. Don’t go years without knowing what’s going on in your body only to have an issue later on which forces you to take prescription drugs that only act as a band aid. 

I’ll hop off my soap box before I go too far (I love modern medicine, but we’ve come too far from natural remedies that are often much more potent and A LOT safer). Again, do your own research and commit to better health. 

Practice: Experiment with natural remedies like magnesium for migraines, ginger root for nausea and motion sickness, and Vitamin C for a stronger immune system. I’m not a doctor and would never suggest going off or completely avoiding prescription medication, but more doctors should realize the benefits of trying a natural route first. 

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8) Ditch the Advil, take turmeric instead 🏡 

Did you know that NSAIDs like Advil (Ibuprofen) are terrible for your gut?

My mom had a stroke about 20 years ago. No one knows what caused it. Nowadays she is in a lot of pain because of the difficulties of getting around. 

She used to take 9-12 Advil per day to help with the pain. I told her about this trick a few years back and you know what happened? 

She hasn’t taken an Advil in over 2 years and feels much better than she did. 

If I get a headache or migraine, I’ll take one, but it’s not a way to become super. It might help for a bit, but it’s not a nice thing to do to your system. 

Taking turmeric root instead of Advil is gentler on your system, and can be just as effective in reducing inflammation. 

This is one of those super powers that you need to try for yourself and see how it works. If you suffer from chronic pain and get side effects from Advil, see what this powerful root can do for you. 

Practice: Get a bottle of turmeric with black pepper and keep one on hand as an alternative painkiller. 

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9) Remember: ABM. (Always Be Moving) 🐢

This super power is accessible to anyone. All it takes is a mindset shift to make movement part of your life. 

What does ABM entail?

  • Always taking the stairs
  • Walking (or squatting if the weather is bad) while taking work calls 
  • Walking up escalators
  • Avoiding the elevator
  • Taking the long way to work
  • Setting an alarm on your phone to get up and move
  • Using a workout band to keep your legs engaged while sitting 

Do whatever you can to keep moving some part of your body during long stretches of work. 

Practice: Start with something stupidly simple: every time you send an email, do 10 arm circles. Stack a good movement habit on top of something you already do regularly. 

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10) Sleep 7-8 hours every night 💤

Do you get enough sleep every night? I do. I’m pleased as punch to brag about it.

It’s one of the few things I do well (besides make ridiculously accurate Survivor predictions, shooting clay pigeons, and being afraid of actual pigeons). 

Sleep informs our day. It’s the only natural way to recharge our energy stores to get ready to win the day. You can supplement with coffee and green tea (avoid energy drinks at all costs), but nothing can take the place of a good ol’ fashioned good night’s sleep.

Practice: Develop a nightly routine to get ready for bed. The last thing anybody wants is to lie in bed and not be able to fall asleep. I hate that. Instead, stretch, meditate, shut off the devices, take a hot bath. Do whatever you have to do to calm your mind and body and get to sleep. 

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11) Walk everywhere 🚶‍♀️

I’m an avid walker. It’s my favorite form of transportation. I’d rather walk than drive, bike, scoot, you name it.

And whodathunkit, writers are walkers. Maybe it’s because we enjoy letting our minds drift as we plan our next blog post or the latest chapter in our novel. 

Walking is the most natural form of movement. It’s easy to throw on a comfy pair of shoes and get out there. 

If you have the ability, try to incorporate even more walking into your life. You don’t have to be like me and walk 5 miles to the nearest Starbucks (Yes; I used to do this at least twice per week…) but walk more to embrace this super power. 

Practice: To get into a walking habit, track steps on your smartphone with an app. Better yet, get a Fitbit or smartwatch to motivate you to keep moving. Your health is only a few steps away. 

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12) Stop snacking, let your MMC do its job 🍪

Have you heard of the migrating motor complex? It’s the natural way our system moves food through our bodies. 

Unfortunately, because of food intolerances, SIBO, eating way too much, and snacking all the time, most folks have an impaired MMC. 

Every time we take in calories in any amount, the MMC resets and has to start from square one. If you’re snacking all the time, it never has time to do its job by completing the cycles.

From VIVO Pathophysiology:

“The migrating motor complex is a distinct pattern of electromechanical activity observed in gastrointestinal smooth muscle during the periods between meals. It is thought to serve a “housekeeping” role and sweep residual undigested material through the digestive tube. As studied in dogs and man, the cycle recurs every 1.5 to 2 hours and consists of 4 phases:

  1. A period of smooth muscle quiescence lasting 45 to 60 minutes, during which there are only rare action potentials and contractions.
  2. A period of roughly 30 minutes in which peristaltic contractions occur and progressively increase in frequency. Peristalsis originates in the stomach and propagates through the small intestine.
  3. The phase lasting 5 to 15 minutes in which rapid, evenly spaced peristaltic contractions occur. In contrast to the digestive period, the pylorus remains open during these peristaltic contractions, allowing many indigestible materials to pass into the small intestine.
  4. A short period of transition between the barrage of contractions in phase 3 and the inactivity of phase 1.”

Studies vary in the time believed for the MMC to finish its cycle. Some people suggest waiting up to 4 hours in between meals to get the most benefits. 

Having dealt with digestive issues personally, I’ve spent a lot of time (too much time my doctor would tell me) researching how the body works. 

The idea that always comes back to me repeatedly?

We can heal ourselves by making conscious decisions and getting the right help. 

Practice: The gut holds the key to wellbeing. Stop snacking for a few days, stick to 2 or 3 meals per day (I eat 2 meals per day) and let your body do what it needs to do to clean out all the junk. If you eat more often, more power to you, but don’t do it because that’s what you’ve always done. 

To get used to this and to make it a habit, set a stopwatch on your phone after each meal. Don’t eat again until it hits the four-hour mark. 

Discover: SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth (present in most people with IBS)) is closely related to the MMC. Time to Stop Treating Sibo Like an Infection and More Like an Injury.

13) Intermittent fasting 🥡

Intermittent fasting is gaining in popularity, and for good reason. 

Fasting has been around since biblical times. It’s a spiritual activity, but it turns out it’s fantastic for our health too.

Fasting, and intermittent fasting specifically, give us time to NOT digest food and do other important activities, you know, like recovering from the daily toll we enact on our bodies. 

It’s worth it if you feel your body needs a break. Instead of popping an Advil (remember super power #8!), take a break from food and inflammation will go down naturally. 

Popular intermittent fasting methods include: 

  • OMAD: One meal a day. Eat in a 1-2 hour window and fast the rest of the time. 
  • 16:8: Fast for 16 hours and then eat in an 8 hour window. I use this method and frequently will only eat food between 12PM and 8PM. 
  • 5:2: Eat normally for five days out of the week and fast for two. 

Longer fasting gives your body a higher chance to go into autophagy (the process where your body literally eats itself, but in a good way) and this is where you will see the most healing benefits. 

Like anything, fast with moderation and don’t forget super power #1, listen to your body, and make sure it’s working for you. 

Practice: Try skipping one meal and see how you feel. Every time I fast I get hungry, but I also get superpowered energy and my mind is lit up. Don’t believe the myth that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s not, especially for those of us who sit all day. If you believe strongly in breakfast (or just love breakfast foods like I do), do your own research and your mind will be blown. And besides, you can always have pancakes for lunch.

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14) Exercise with a passion 🏃‍♂️

The best workout is one we look forward to.

If you hate running, you don’t have to run. If you hate waking up early to go to a bootcamp workout, don’t do it. If you hate going to Planet Fitness, forget about it. 

What do you love to do?

Working out doesn’t have to be terrible. Want to know my secret? Good, I was gonna tell you anyway:

I’m not a huge fan of running. I run because I get to listen to sci-fi audiobooks that I love. I look forward to running because I get lost in amazing stories. It also makes me feel good after the fact. 

I love the benefits of running, and working toward big goals (like my first half marathon ever coming up, wish me luck), but what keeps me going is the habit stack of running + doing another enjoyable activity. 

Find something you love doing, even if it means combining activities. Back when we lived in NC we did Camp Gladiator boot camp workouts, and we loved it. We enjoyed the tough workouts, but appreciated the community fitness model most of all. 

Find exercise you love that doesn’t fill you with dread. 

Practice: Unfortunately, you probably need to try new things before you know if you like them. Also, the first time you run after not running will suck. Embrace the suck that comes with starting something new, and then, if you still hate it, try something else. 

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15) Spend time outside 🌳

As a final health and wellbeing super power, this one is easy. All you have to do is get outside and you’re well on your way to becoming a superhero and learning how to get super powers. 

Enjoy the fresh air and wide open spaces from time to time. Being out in nature is well, natural. Freeing yourself of the noise and distraction from the world is not only a good way to refresh and think, it’s good for your brain too.  

Practice: Link tasks with being outside. Do yoga, take a phone call, read. Anything you can do outside, do it. 

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Personal Growth Super Powers

These super powers will make you a better person. You will find better work, ultimately make more money, and enjoy life more fully. 

The best part? 

You’ll appreciate growth for growth’s sake. You’ll love getting better for the sole reason of becoming a better person. 

Seek growth by accessing the power of these common human abilities:

16) The two-minute drill 💨

If something takes two minutes, don’t add it to a list, just do it. 

I know, it can be tempting to make a list of everything you need to accomplish, but some things never belong on a to do list:

  • Do the dishes right away as soon as you’re done with them
  • Text your friend about getting dinner. Either do it right now or don’t do it at all
  • Send a gratitude letter
  • Make the bed
  • Finish writing your to do list

Practice: Start doing things instead of thinking about doing them or planning to do them. Planning is important, but don’t over plan to the point of wasting time you could have spent crushing tasks. 

Discover: The Taking Action Manifesto: How to Become a Fire-Starter 

17) Master the 80/20 principle 💯

The 80/20 rule, or the “Pareto Principle,” is something we all need to understand and use. 

It was first coined by the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, way back in 1895, says that 20% of people are divided into the “vital few” of society and the other 80% into the “trivial many.”

It works the same way in churches and other organizations. 20% of the members end up doing 80% of the work. 

Pareto purported that this same principle carries over and applies directly to life and business. If you were to make a list of ten items on a to-do list, two of the items will bring about 80% of the results. The other eight items will only bring about 20% of the results. 

Move this into a time-management/productivity realm and you’ll see 80% of our results come from 20% of our efforts. Focus is key. 

The battle rages between the 80% and 20%, in life and in business! 

For our purposes, we will break down the 80% and 20% like this: The 20% is what you need to do to move the needle forward and push towards lifelong goals, and the 80% is the work you need to do to keep the lights on and the bills paid. 

Each avenue is important and takes time, but the 80% is the gold-plated dragon of busyness that threatens to eat you. If you get eaten by the 80% dragon, you can’t work on what’s important. So sad, but at least you were a tasty snack… 🐉 

Don’t get eaten. Use the 80/20 principle to master your time and establish a set of priorities in your daily life. 

Consider the importance of tackling the 80% and crushing that work, but leaving just enough time and energy to work on the important stuff. 

Even if you love what you do, there is a 20% task that will help you maintain the work you are doing. The 20% will give you the energy you need to get through the daily grind, knowing that you have a future-oriented task giving you long-term potential. 

We are moving forward or falling backwards; the 80% exists to keep us moving forward while the 20% work is our path to the next level. 

Practice: Break up your to do list into two rows. Label one 80% and the other 20%. 80% tasks are what you have to get done. 20% tasks are the non-urgent tasks that you want to get done because they will move the needle forward. Do what you have to do, but be sure to schedule time for the important tasks or they won’t ever get done. 

Discover: I talk at length about the 80/20 principle and how to apply it in my book, The Balance Point. Follow that link and pick it up on Amazon. 

18) Self awareness 🤳

Self-awareness is crucial for getting to the next level. You need to be consciously aware of how you are being perceived by others to grow and get better. 

Becoming more self-aware can feel risky, and is often painful, but practice makes perfect. We can’t grow if we don’t know what we need to improve upon. We don’t know what we need to improve upon if we can’t sum up the courage to take an introspective look at the way we live our lives, how we communicate, and what our appearance says about our attitude. 

Practice: Ask yourself some of these tough questions to grease the wheels of introspective thinking. Knowing more about yourself is one super power you definitely don’t want to miss:

  • Was there an interaction today where I was only focused on myself?
  • Do I have areas in my life I should improve? Am I taking steps to do so?
  • Do I have blind spots that I should correct?
  • What do other people not like about me?

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19) Ask for feedback ✋

Feedback is the hidden talent and super power for those of us who lack natural talent or ability. We can use feedback to grow and move beyond our limited natural capabilities. We can use critiques to figure out why we can’t hit the ball, why our writing is poor, or even why our marriage might be struggling.

Learning to admit that we don’t know exactly what to do is one of the major rules of personal growth. Instead of staying down and feeling bad about yourself and your progress, you can use feedback to move forward from a place of strength and empowerment. 

But no amount of feedback does any good for us if we cannot move past the initial emotional struggle of self-doubt and shame.

Constructive feedback, no matter how gently given, usually hurts. It never feels good to have someone tell you that what you did was just plain wrong.

We aren’t responsible for how others give us feedback. The only thing that we can directly control is what we do with that feedback. 

Take it we should. It’s the super power of asking for feedback that brings about a greater level of self-awareness and propels us to grow. 

Practice: Ask a loved one for feedback on how you can improve in one area. Ask them to get specific and then brace for impact. It might hurt, but know they’ll appreciate it, and your relationship and personal growth will improve because of it. 

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20) Reduce the noise and cut the crap 💩

*Credit: @Evelien Jansen

The world is only getting noisier. Every day we fight to minimize distraction and get done the things we need to get done. These distractions include people that just aren’t good for us, social media addiction, small talk, pointless meetings, etc.

Do your part and cut the crap. Stop doing the things that aren’t moving you ahead in life. People who cut the crap and reduce the wild buzz of distraction will become heroes to the rest of us. 

Practice: The best way to cut the crap out of your life is to get super clear on what you really want. super powers #24 and #44 will help here, but start small with taking one more step towards the life you know you deserve. Cut the BS and go get it. 

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21) Discover the flow state. ✨

The flow state is a magical state of being. Getting lost in the moment because you love what you do is not something everyone gets to experience, but something we should all be striving for in work and life. 

If you’ve never experienced it before, let me tell you, it’s awesome! For me, it happens when I write. For Miranda, it’s when she is editing videos. For others, it’s when they are doing something they are passionate about. 

It took a long time for us to discover these passions, but the feeling of getting lost in work you love is incredible. When doing these tasks, all else fades away. 

For some people they achieve the flow state amid competition, programming software, or coaching young children to play baseball. In other’s it’s found while composing music, talking with a new friend, or arguing politics. 

What is your flow state? What activity activates this super power? What gives you energy? 

Practice: DON’T stop until you discover what it is you were meant to do. This is a big practice step, but it’s important. If we could all reach our flow state and create meaningful contributions, the world would be a better place. 

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22) Schedule personal time 🕐

Scheduling time for myself? Who has time for that?


If we don’t schedule time for ourselves to relax, work on our own projects, (get in the flow state) or to have a second to think, we won’t be in it for the long-haul. 

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Scheduling time for yourself with no pressure gives you something to look forward to, and once you get there, a time just to be, think, relax, work, whatever you want. 

Practice: Pick a four-hour chunk of time and add this as an event on your calendar as “my time.” This may not be possible for you, but schedule time, even just a few minutes if that’s all you can spare. Defend this time with your life if need be!

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23) Say no to the wrong things and yes to the right things ⛔

*Credit: @marieabroad

Saying no to the wrong things opens the door for you to say yes to the best things. 

Is the opportunity before you a shiny distraction or a perfect augmentation of preexisting skills and goals?

I’ve found that building a platform of specific skills and abilities has served me well over the past few years. Instead of chasing every shiny object and new idea that came my way, I’ve been saying no and learning to only say yes to opportunities that augment my current business. 

I don’t take on new responsibilities or pursue new opportunities without extreme consideration of whether it will help me grow or end up hindering my progress.  

I don’t like the feeling of missing out. Nobody likes FOMO. But sometimes we have to miss out on good opportunities so we can be available for great ones. 

If the open door is brand new, and you have the wingspan to take it on, do so. But if you are strapped for time, or just getting by with your current obligations, it might be a more viable option to say no. 

If you can easily take it on, and it makes sense to do so, go ahead. If you are basing every decision on building a base platform of skills, it’s hard to lose. 

If the new direction would make it harder to fulfill previous commitments, it might not make sense to take on.  

Beware of shiny new objects that don’t directly relate to anything you are set up to do. They will drain time and energy better spent working on your current tasks, goals, and dreams. 

Practice: the next time you have a juicy opportunity before you consider saying no. Something better might be just around the corner. It’s much easier to say yes (for most of us) and we need practice turning things down. It’s okay to say no. 

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24) Give yourself credit 👍

“Always concentrate on how far you’ve come, rather than how far you have left to go.” ~Unknown

As a futuristic intuitive, looking back isn’t easy for me. I struggle with appreciation when getting great news and experiencing a big win.

My only thought is “Awesome, now what’s next?”

I’ve had to REALLY work to even smile and nod and say a quick thank you when something goes my way. I’m so locked into the future of possibility that I rarely experience the good when it comes!

I’ve come far in my ability to live in the present moment, but it still doesn’t come easy. 

But, even if you’re a context-driven historian, giving yourself the credit you deserve is good practice. 

We are our own worst enemies. 


Stop beating yourself up. Stop missing the small wins along the way. Stop thinking you aren’t good enough. 

Practice: Pat yourself on the back. Literally, do it right now. It’s silly, but effective. You are more than enough and are doing great things. Keep getting better one day at a time. 

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25) Give back with money and time 💲

Have you seen it’s a Wonderful Life? I’m willing to bet you have (if not, make that super power #102 and GO DO IT NOW).

In the old timey flick George Bailey, a gentle and kind soul who has always put others first, gets to the end of his ropes with the threat of jail time for a mistake he didn’t make, and almost commits suicide. His guardian angel, Clarence, saves him at the last minute. Clarence shows George what life would be like had he not existed. In a word, terrible for most people. Clarence showed him how much of a positive influence he had among all his friends, family, and community. 

At the end of the film (spoiler alert… even though the film came out in 1947…) George is filled with happiness at knowing what he did for others and will accept his fate, no matter what it is. Instead, his COMMUNITY rallies around him and makes him the richest man in town, providing the money he needs to pay his debts. 

I cried the last time I watched, thinking about the power of community and what it means to give back to others. It may not always work out like it did in the film because life isn’t easy, but doing good for others is an act no one can take away from us. It’s powerful and important. 

Giving back to other people is one of the best ways to experience true joy. 

The super power of giving back monetarily and investing time into others is a great way to share love. To give back what others have invested in us is one pathway to living an abundant life. 

Often I’ve found that when I give back, it’s returned tenfold. Not in exact monetary value, (when’s the last time you threw a penny into the fountain only to have it burp out a dime?) but returned in mentorship, friendship, and a loving and supportive community willing to wrap themselves around you. 

Practice: Pick one person and give a gift to them this week. It could be in time spent watching a movie, an Amazon Prime surprise gift basket, or paying for dinner. Do something unexpected with no expectations that the person returns the favor. 

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26) Habit Stack 🥞

Habit stacking is the best thing since the large stack of pancakes.

I’ve mentioned in previous super powers the suggestion to “habit stack.” But what is habit stacking?

Habit stacking is adding a new habit on the top of a previously existing habit. Here are some ways to habit stack:

  • Gargling after brushing your teeth (to activate super power #2!).
  • Set a glass of water beside your bed so you drink it first thing after waking up. 
  • After you eat a meal journal for the day.
  • After you watch an episode of whatever on Netflix, read one chapter in your book. 

The idea is not necessarily to reward yourself for each little action, but to make things easier for you to remember to complete the habit. 

I gargle every time I brush my teeth. I do my daily reading before I go to work on my laptop. It’s a habit I’ve stacked with brushing my teeth.

Habit stacking is a super power because it enables us to add good habits into our lives. 

Practice: What’s a habit you’ve been struggling to adopt? Is there a way you can make that habit easier or more pleasurable to remember? Think about one other habit you could stack it to and try it. Once you get good, you can create a full stack of habit stacking pancakes and change your life.  

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27) Travel, A LOT 🌏

Travel will change your life. I’m all about it, but i bet you probably knew that?

Traveling and visiting new places is something I would recommend for anyone hungry for Adventure. 

My wife and I have travelled to Thailand, Singapore, up and down the east coast of the US, and now to Portugal. The plan is to spend all of 2020 travelling and seeing new places to challenge ourselves and to experience more of the world. 

With remote jobs growing in popularity and entrepreneurs paving a way for themselves left and right, travel is open to anyone with the gumption to go for it. 

Practice: Where is somewhere you’ve always wanted to go? What’s stopping you from going there? As I share in all of my books and most of the posts on the site, nothing is out of your grasp. Maybe you can’t go now or even a year from now, but commit and then do what it takes to make it happen. 

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28) Learn a second language 🦜

*Credit: @stefansrv

Link language learning to an everyday activity or a goal and voila, you’ll be speaking a different tongue in no time. 

My goal is to experience various places during our travels and then pick a second language to learn. 

It’s challenging for adults to learn a new way of communicating