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Jordan Ring might seem like an intergalactic task-ninja, but he’s an authorpreneur at heart. As good as he is with words, his primary goal is to help people live a life of less talk and more action. When he isn’t busy writing, blogging, or out walking, Jordan is also the book marketing and launch guru for clients over at his second home, Archangel Ink. And that’s not all; he’s also a freelance copywriter, writing coach, consultant–and anything else he can do to keep the lights on and coffee comin’.

His hobbies include playing on Trello boards, watching Marvel movies, drinking iced coffee, and hanging out with his amazing wife, Miranda.

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How to Get Your Finances in Order When Moving Abroad

How to Get Your Finances in Order When Moving Abroad

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted mobility worldwide, with almost all travel halted last year as national borders stayed closed. According to an estimate from the United Nations in their International Migration 2020 Highlights, the pandemic even managed to slow the rise...