Hey friends,

Wow that month went by fast! Holy cow. I can’t wait to share some of the things that went down. This post will help explain what it is exactly that I’ve been doing, but how also things are really going.

I have been thinking a lot about the fact that this recent change was something we really wanted and were looking forward to for so long. So shouldn’t we be happy every day no matter what?

Why then should we ever have a bad day? Why are there some days when doing this work that I love is difficult?

What I am very slowly learning is that happiness isn’t dependent upon circumstances. Yes, having a ton of money would be nice in a lot of ways, but how often do we hear reports that those that are super rich really aren’t any happier than the rest of us?

It’s because at the end of the day we are all humans with emotions, and we are going to react to things in an emotional way even if we all happen to drive Teslas and own million dollar mansions.

That being said, I am so appreciative of where we have landed. I absolutely think we are headed in the right direction with our lives, and we are excited for what God is going to be doing in us and through us.

Without further ado, lets see how August went.

The Move

As I discussed in my previous monthly update, Miranda and I were getting ready to move to a new apartment here in Huntersville. To say we love this apartment would be an understatement, it is totally perfect for us. I mean, we have an ice maker, how cool is that?

Yes, we do appreciate the simple things, but I think that is one of our finest qualities. We get excited over ice makers, dishwashers, and garbage disposals. Oh, and we also have a washer and dryer that are separate and not a stacked unit.

These may seem like smalls things, but if you can be appreciative over each of the small things in your life, you will be happier. There is no truer truth than that. We are so blessed in our country and most, if not all, of the problems we have our first world problems.

I personally wouldn’t last too long with a 3rd world problem, so I am going to appreciate filtered water, and ice cubes at the ready for as long as I am able.

Weekly Review

Since we moved Miranda and I have been doing a weekly review session in which we discuss our goals. The cool thing is we didn’t get this idea from anywhere, we just thought of it. More recently I have seen posts like this one on why you should do a weekly review. So go us! 🙂

We call our meeting Sheetz, Sheets, and Sheets. Why? Because we get Sheetz food, write goals on paper, and wash our sheets if the mood strikes. It has worked phenomenally well for us. Each week we discuss our goals for the next week and also what we accomplished the last week.

It may be a little bit weird and out of the ordinary (okay fine, it IS weird), but I suggest it to anyone looking to be more productive. I write my weekly goals and tasks that I committed to doing on my board, and I make damn sure I finish all of those goals before the next meeting. It is something I definitely look forward to and I know Miranda does as well.

We plan to keep doing it as long as it is helpful.


Miranda got a job wahoo! She is working for Metrolina Greenhouses here in Huntersville. She still isn’t sure what exactly it is she will be doing, so we will save that for a later update.

As for me, things are going well. Of course, I would have liked to be farther along in progress, but that’s okay. I am not applying for another job (at least not this month). We are going to keep pressing towards our goal of financial independence and freedom from corporate lifestyles. Why? I could write a book on why, but I never want to have to ask a boss for vacation time ever again. The vacation time alone is a disaster in our country, and it is why so many people are completely burnt out.

That is why I will keep pushing and working as hard as I can to reach my goals. It’s also why I love this quote/meme.

Freelancing Items

Things are going well with my work for Archangel Ink. I am very much enjoying it, and its great to be able to work from home and help people with self-publishing needs. Very excited to grow and to keep working with them. (If you ever decide you want to write a book, which I think should be on everyone’s bucket list, connect with me and I will hook you up)

I have some gigs on Fiverr, but am not getting much traction on there. I am undecided if that is a good or bad thing at the moment.

The overall point of the freelancing is to do fulfilling work that will help pay the bills. No plan is complete with a way to put food on the table and you know, pay rent and stuff.


I am very much working towards building this blog up. What that means is writing every single day (daily updates) and writing bigger more meaty posts as well. The idea is to write the daily posts to stay in the habit of writing and sharing. None of those posts will go viral.

The point of writing the “epic” posts is first and foremost to help people with a specific need, but also is a post that people will hopefully want to share. I have written three of these posts so far and I will be doing outreach for each of them to get them in front of more people.

Here are those posts if you want to check them out:

  1. How to Embrace Change: 21 Actionable Ideas to Increase Bravery and Be Awesome
  2. 19 Ways to Conquer Low Self Esteem: 19 Influencers Chime in
  3. 13 Personal Goal Ideas: Setting Yourself Up for Greatness

The idea is to get these pages in front of more people. My main goal is to get them to show up on google. How do I do that? It’s elementary my dear Watson, get people to link to it of course.

It’s anything but easy. It actually takes the most time out of what I do every day, but it works. I have seen it. I have a page right now over at my first site at Fiberguardian.com about high fiber cereals. Yes, you will see that I wore a goofy cape, yes I wrote a post called “Everybody Farts” but yes I actually make money from that site, and I do NOTHING to upkeep it. Passive income is real and alive my friends.

I first made a really good post that will be helpful to people, did outreach for that post by finding people that linked to similar posts (that’s the key) and I even made up my own metric for tracking how good of a high fiber cereal it actually was. Google seems to like this for some reason, and it might be something that I try for some of my other posts.

I love blogging and being able to help people solve problems, so I am very excited to keep working in this way.


Our podcast is live and you can check it out right here. Miranda and I had so much fun making it, but the real reason we did it is simple. We have spent the last few years side by side, working, living, and being together 97% of the time. The scary thing is that I like numbers, and that 97% is probably ridiculously accurate.

We didn’t want to start this new adventure without some project that we are working on together. Let me tell you, I love working with her. She brings so much to the table, and I am so excited for what the podcast will become. We are scheduled to have weekly episodes and I think Friday will be the day they come out. This isn’t set in stone yet so don’t quote me.


Writing books for me has taken a back seat. I want to focus on writing good free content to eventually build up a listener base. I just need to find people out there that care about what I say. I do believe I have a unique voice (because I believe everyone has a unique voice) but I just need to find people that want to hear mine haha.

This being said, I do plan to update and expand my Now What book and share a lot of that content within a blog series right here on Jmring. Get excited for it, I know that I am.

Future Plans

The ultimate goal is to get more followers and to build an audience. I want to do that through putting out good content and helping people to reach their ultimate potential.

This means helping people find their passion while still facing reality. I think this is something that is really missed out there in the personal development field (and something I am still working on creating for this new blog too). You read these posts about what you should do to change your life, but you always think “well I still have to provide for my family, I got bills to pay you know!”

And that is the cold hard truth. Even if we won’t admit it to ourselves, we all want just a little bit more. My plan is to help people find the interplay between their passions and real life. To be able to pursue their dreams while still recognizing and appreciating the fact that rent is due every month.

I plan to build an online course that will help people do just that. This won’t come together before the next update, but we will be working to make it a reality before long.

Thanks for reading, whoever you might be, and be sure to connect with me with any comments or questions. Please feel free to even say my ideas are stupid. Miranda recently said that we both need a little bit more rejection in our lives, so feel free to help us out.

Until next month,


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